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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is StandAndUnite.com?"
StandAndUnite.com is a user driven platform; to network and strategize for the brightest future possible.
"What are my options. Where do I start."
You begin on the homepage by creating a free account. Once you register you have three main choices; to 'create a page (private and public)', to 'view community pages' and to view YOUR public servants. 'Creating Pages ' is the base tool for everything. On these pages are many feedback and accountability options. As you'll see, the feedback, outreach and networking potential is phenomenal.

You also have displays for most all of your feedback options such as, Stand Withs, Stand Against and Impeach and Boycotts. As well as a display for the links you've collected.
"What information of mine is revealed to others?"
No personal, identifiable information that you enter during registration is shared by us, on or off the site. Professional Pages can display office information but no personal information. Public service member information that is already public knowledge may be displayed. Personal Pages display the owner's 'username'. ...As for user feedback on the pages themselves, currently, only 'username' displays with Comments. Privacy is a key component of enabling people to freely and powerfully Stand And Unite.

Here is where you'll find our Privacy Policy.
"What types of Public Pages can I create?"
First, realize that there are two categories of public pages that you can create, that WILL get displayed publically*. 1. For pages 'of your own', the 6 public page types are Stands, Public Service Member (candidate, elected, appointed and hired), Group, Organization, Business and Public Figure. 2. And for pages 'for the community', the two types of public pages that you can create are Stands and Public Service Member (elected).

Here are our Terms and Standards of Use.

*You can 'unpublish' a public page.
"What is 'page Scope'?"
Every public page gets a page scope when created, assigned by the creator of the page*, which determines who (what communities) it gets displayed to. The four page scopes are Worldwide, Countrywide, Statewide and City/townwide. (Each community has stands, groups, businesses, organizations, public servants and public figures relevant to THAT community, which you set during registration. (Example result: You see pages with your town scope and state scope but not a neighboring town or neighboring state.))

*Page scope for 'public service member>elected' are pre-defined.
"What are examples of community pages that I can create?"
It really depends on your specific community and the issues people face. Some general pages that may or may not be relevant to your community are: Neighborhood Watch, Volunteer Community Projects, How to lower taxes, Honorable Public Servants, Dishonorable Public Servants, Local Talent, Lost and Found, Amber Alert... We'll be adding a link to a page with more 'community page ideas'.
"What are 'private pages' and why would I want to use them?"
Private Pages are the latest addition. You can create 'personal/private pages' for a multitude of reasons such networking invitations, project outline, case studies, sub-pages or simply a todo list or taking notes. (You can share your private pages. They are as private as you and your network keep them.) Here's a page with a growing list of possibilities. Public and Private/Personal Page ideas.
"Can I create pages in any/all page scopes?"
Yes, absolutely. It's encouraged to create pages in more than one of your communities. Especially for those people, groups and organizations that want to have a positive impact on the world.
"What public pages are displayed to me?"
By default those pages relevant to your specific communities (your city/town, county, state, country and worldwide) are the ones that will be displayed under your 'Community Pages', which you can then filter by 'page type'. You can also search for pages through the 'Community Pages' tab.
"Why can't I create a Public Page for a group, organization, business or public figure THAT ISN'T ME?"
To reserve it as an official page. ...If you have something to say for or against a business, group, public figure or organization, you can 'Find' a page or create a new Stand page, to gain support around.
"What's the difference between (and why) a page 'of my own' and 'for the people'?"
Page Creation Question #2 is to further maintain integrity in the community. There is no page owner who can edit the page long term (30 minute window) or message Standees. With the multitude of feedback options at your finger tips, we thought it important to be able to create a Stand page that couldn't be edited.
"Why can I only create an 'Elected, Public Servant' page that isn't me, and not one for 'Appointed or Hired Public Servants?"
One step at a time, let's create a page for all of your local, elected public servants first. You can always create a Stand page if you want to support or protest a specific public servant in your communities. ...All public servants are encouraged to create an official page of their own.
"So what can I do with a page 'of my own'."
Mainly, you can edit most all of it, declare what you/the page Stands for, and message all of the Standees who 'Stand With' your page. In addition to the Comments, Links and Stands to your page, you can also 'Stand With other Pages', which has tremendous internal and external networking possibilities for your pages. (For example: Standing with similar pages and standing with/linking other pages of your own.)
"How many pages can I create and where do I access them?"
Currently you can create unlimited number of pages. Please keep your pages ethical and beneficial. Here are our Terms and Standards of Use.

All of your private and public pages are right on your dashboard when you log in.
"Can a page be reported?"
Yes, there are many reasons why a page could be report.. ...You can also use StandAndUnite features against it. You can choose to 'Stand Against' it on its page or 'create a page' for standing against it. And there's also the newest feature of being able to HIDE the page (or page promotion) so that you don't see it again.
"Can 'elected public servants' take control of their page once a page has already been created for them?"
Yes. They can contact admin to verify their contact information and take control. If they get in before the deadline, they will have free messaging capabilities. After the deadline, a networking fee may apply. The fee will depend on the page scope level and the size of the network already built for them.
"I want to create a 'Public Servant' page to challenge one of my current public servants. Is there a cost?"
Currently, there is not a fee. You have full editing and messaging capabilities.
"What is 'My links'?"
As you'll see, every page has a link section, which is great when you want to either share or find a useful link dealing with a specific page topic (search in 'Community Pages/Search'). What's even better, is that you can collect and compile hundreds and thousands of links for your own keeping. Simply click 'add link' next to any link on a page and it will be added to the folder of your choice in your My Links tab. You can also enter a link directly into 'My Links', buts it's encouraged to post it to a relevant page first, so that others can benefit, too.
"What is 'Hiding pages and hiding page promotions'?"
These are newly added features that will allow you to keep your StandAndUnite experience fresh and relevant. Hide those pages that you no longer want to see and it won't appear again. The goal is to enable YOU to determine your StandAndUnite environment and focus and to keep your communities 100% relevant to you.
"What are my feedback options on a page?"
You can Stand With, Against (as well as Like or Dislike) or be Undecided with the page itself. You can comment, add links, protest/boycott/impeach (and soon, 'Character' and 'Bill of Rights' rating). You also have individual feedback options on Comments, Stands, Allegations and Links. This is as 'bottom up' as it gets.
"Can I share to social media?"
Yes. In addition to sharing Stand With/Against/Undecided, you can also share individual Stands, Comments, Impeach/boycott allegations and links. The power to make a difference is in your hands.
"That's a lot of pages and feedback. How do I keep track of it all?"
In addition to the 'My Public Servants' and My Links', you now also have displays for all of the pages you like, dislike, stand with, stand against. As well as, a display for your impeachment, boycott and protest allegations and votes, and for the pages and promotions that you've hidden. You can find these displays under the 'All of My...' tab.
"How do I get my page in the 'page promotions' and how much does it cost."
Currently, all public pages get cycled through the 'page promotions' that are relevant to its page scope. ...Only pages created for your town, your county (public servant pages only), your state and your country will be displayed to you. As of now, this is a complimentary incentive to encourage early page creation. It will eventually be a paid service.
"Does StandAndUnite display 3rd party ads?"
The goal is to never need to. The purpose of StandAndUnite is to help you create and build powerful networks for change. Not having 3rd party ads will help achieve that by focusing on on-site page promotions.
"Why is there no mention of political party affiliation?"
This is in order to keep the focus on judging public service members and candidates honestly; through their actions, words and character, rather than their party affiliation. That doesn't me you can't create a party page. Go for it.

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